Notes on Apollo 2.2+ and master builds - don't use a sticky Jbrowse

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Notes on Apollo 2.2+ and master builds - don't use a sticky Jbrowse

Just some quick note on the newer 2.2+ builds of Apollo in the master branch. 

To take advantage of all of the amazing work that Jbrowse team is taking advantage (and especially WebPack) we are requiring Jbrowse 1.15 or greater going forward in Apollo.   This is specified by default if you are downloading a new version, so if you are downloading / installing for the first time nothing to worry about. 

Apollo 2.2.0 is still in “release candidate” mode, so it has not been fully tested / released.  We hope to do this sometime this week and in very early January.  That being said, please feel free to download and run it and provide any feedback (good or bad).   This would be very useful to the community. 

If you are upgrading an existing configuration, however, you MUST your JBROWSE if you had previously set it (for example, if you were installing plugins).  (

If you are upgrading an existing version you can either:

1 (recommended) - clone the Apollo GitHub repo directly and rebuild with your older : 

    A - git clone Apollo.   
(or download a 2.2 + release from
    B - copy over prior apollo-config.groovy, making sure to fix the release branch setting
    C - ./apollo deploy 

2 - if using existing directory (more for devs):

   A - git pull origin master 
   B - ./apollo clean-all && ./apollo deploy 

Please let us know if you have any issues. 


Apollo Team

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