Online InterMine training at BCC2020 (BOSC + Galaxy Community Conference)

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Online InterMine training at BCC2020 (BOSC + Galaxy Community Conference)

Yo Yehudi-2
Hey everyone!

A quick note - this year's BOSC (Bioinformatics Open Source Conference) is online as part of BCC2020:

We have two slots where we'll be doing InterMine training - probably a short intro into the InterMine JSP UI, followed by live-coding using Jupyter notebooks on, covering python and possibly R if there is time. It'll be similar to this:

- If you'd like to help out as a trainer we could spotlight your InterMine as a use-case, if you like (limited to 2-3 spots) and could offer free registration in exchange.
- If you have anyone from the community who would like to learn more about InterMine, ask them to register! Each training course can be paid for separately.

Click on the links to figure out how the timing applies to your timezone:
- Session 1: Friday 17 July. UK evening, USA morning or early afternoon.
- Session 2: Sunday 19 July, Early morning UK and late afternoon/evening in Australia:

Both sessions will be the same, they're just repeated to be as covenient as possible for people around the world.


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