Possible Typo in Gbrowse2 Tutorial

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Possible Typo in Gbrowse2 Tutorial

Prakhar Gaur

In "Section 1. Basics" of the Gbrowse2 tutorial(Gbrowse2 installation
done last week, via CPAN), located at
also at,

The commands for copying Volvox database files, fourth command block
from top.
% cd /var/www/gbrowse2
% cp tutorial/data_files/volvox_remarks.gff3 databases/volvox

In my installation of Gbrowse2, the location of "tutorial" folder is
different it is "/var/www/html/gbrowse2" instead of "/var/www/gbrowse2".
Additionally the second command to copy the files the destination too
does not exist, according to me it should be

Hence the command changed to,

% cd /var/www/html/gbrowse2/
% cp
tutorial/data_files/volvox_remarks.gff3 ../../../lib/gbrowse2/databases/volvox

Is this so, or something is wrong with my installation?

Thanking you,
Prakhar Gaur

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