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Josh Goodman
Hi all,

At the GMOD/Biocurator conference this year there were some
discussions about Chado performance on PostgreSQL.  While highly
normalized databases do often trade off some performance for data
integrity, I suspect that a lot of complaints have to do with untuned
or improperly tuned PostgreSQL databases.  To help GMOD users get the
most out of Chado and PostgreSQL, I've updated the existing PostgreSQL
performance tip page on the GMOD wiki:

This page currently contains a few tips that we use here at FlyBase
and pointers to general PostgreSQL performance resources around the
web.  Tuning a database depends heavily on your own hardware
specifications and how you want to use it, so it is difficult to give
general recommendations on values for configuration variables.  The
best thing to do is read through the resources, adjust them based on
your needs and benchmark before/after.

If you don't touch your configuration after installing PostgreSQL or
blindly tweak a few settings without benchmarking, it will likely not
perform very well.

I hope this helps.


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