Precompiled Ontologies in Chado available

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Precompiled Ontologies in Chado available

Chado database dumps of precompiled ontologies are now publicly available at , courtesy of Eric Rasche and Center for Phage Technology at Texas A&M University (

The ontologies are updated on a weekly basis, and will save Chado users the time and trouble of downloading and compiling the ontologies themselves.

The ontologies currently compiled and included in the database dump are:

- Chado Feature Properties
- Gene Ontology
- Plant Ontology
- Relationship Ontology
- Sequence Ontology

More information is available on the GMOD wiki:

GMOD thanks Eric Rasche for kindly providing this resource for Chado users!

Amelia Ireland
GMOD Community Support
Generic Model Organism Database project || @gmodproject

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