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Joel Richardson-2

Hi all,

Just wanted to alert you to an update to QB (http://proto.informatics.jax.org/prototypes/qb/). 
It now uses the im-tables library to render results in the same page.
Many thanks to Vivek Krishnakumar for this contribution!

The big green button now just says “Run this query”.  You can still opt to display your results at the mine by shift-clicking. And you can still open the query in the mine’s editor with alt-click. The tooltip explains this.

Right now, the results table renders below the query tree. Not sure it will stay that way…
Suggestions (for this and anything else) are always welcome.

Joel E. Richardson, Ph.D.
Sr. Research Scientist
Mouse Genome Informatics
The Jackson Laboratory
600 Main Street
Bar Harbor, Maine 04609

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