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Ian Holmes-2
Hi Aravind,
Glad you're getting some good use out of JBrowse.
You can configure the track displays quite extensively. Try for example searching for "color" on this page:
Hope this helps. You may also find it helpful to email the gmod-ajax list with such questions - I've CC'd that list on this reply.
Best wishes,

On Tue, Jan 10, 2017 at 12:41 AM, Aravind PRASAD <[hidden email]> wrote:

Dear Ian,


I’m a researcher who uses JBrowse for genome visualisations. We have JBrowse set up for our lab for internal purposes as a common link.


When I load the GFF file along with the transcripts into JBrowse, all of them appear in same colour and shape.

Could you please guide me to change the colours, objects for different features of GFF?




Thank you,



Aravind Prasad.

Research Officer,


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