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Scott Cain
Hi Scooter,

I'm cc'ing this to the gbrowse mailing list, so more eyes can get a look at it.


On Wed, Jun 30, 2010 at 10:12 AM, Scooter Willis <[hidden email]> wrote:

> Now that I have everything setup in Gbrowse2 and working(almost) I am
> looking at the apache2 processes that are being spawned and looks like I
> have interesting behavior with ModPerl using the mgb2 option. Using the
> yeast_advance example when running fastcgi via fgb2 performance is quick and
> I don’t see any additional apache2 processes started. When loading the
> yeast_advance example using (mod_perl) mgb2 option every action appears to
> startup a collection of apache2 processes. The running apache2 process list
> gets very large very quickly and doesn’t appear to be normal. I also need to
> do a killall –9 apache2 to restart apache which is another indicator
> something isn’t working correctly.
> In my particular gbrowse2 application I am loading everything into memory
> and when I checked this morning the system was using almost all of the
> allocated 8 gb of memory. Looking at the processes I had 50+ apache2
> processes each allocating 400MB of memory. The behavior appears to be the
> same as the yeast_advance example but with a much higher penalty because of
> the amount of memory each apache2 process consumes. I have zero knowledge
> about perl and even less knowledge about ModPerl. Any help or guidance would
> be appreciated.
> I tried using fastcgi option for the genome I configured but get an Internal
> Server Error and nothing descriptive in the log files. Any tricks or config
> settings required to get fastcgi working? It works for yeast_advance example
> but not for my particular genome.
> Thanks
> Scooter
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