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Scott Cain
Hi Adawiah,

I'm cc'ing this to the gmod-devel mailing list so the conversation can be archived.

You didn't include the snapshot, but that's OK, as I doubt it would have helped much.  I have no idea if it's possible to install ubuntu desktop on that machine.  While it should work in theory, but that machine was set up as a server, so there may be some fundamental packages that are missing that just can't be installed because they conflict with packages already installed that are required.

The tutorial was designed assuming that you would be using ssh to access the machine remotely on the command line.  I realize that seems a little goofy for a machine that is running on your desktop, but that way it doesn't matter where the machine is, the tutorial will always work.

To use ssh, log into the virtual machine in the console and then type:

  ifconfig | perl -nle'/dr:(\S+)/ && print $1'

which will print out the ip addresses associated with your machine.  (Alternatively, you could just type ifconfig and look for the IP address associated with eth0.)

The one you need is the one that doesn't start with 127.  Use that IP address with whatever ssh tool you have (either built in for linux or Max, putty for Windows).  The command for linux or mac is:

  ssh [hidden email]

where you'd put the ip address after the @ sign.  If you're using putty, you'll have the use the gui and I don't know the exact set of menu items, but it should be pretty easy to figure out. 

On Thu, Aug 14, 2014 at 9:15 PM, Adawiah Zainal <[hidden email]> wrote:
> Hello Scott,
> I'm trying to use GMOD tools. I have set up GMOD Vbox in my computer.
> Unfortunately, unable to get ubuntu desktop although I run cmd  sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop. It seems doesn't find some of the headers to completely install the application. Please find attached the snapshot for your reference.
> Is it the right thing I did? I follow Tripal V1.1 tutorial.
> Thanks!

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