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Re: [GMOD/jbrowse] Clean way to point JBrowse at trackList.json and refSeqs.json files? (#878)

Barry Slaff
Hi everyone:

I posted this on github and I am re-asking here per Nathan's advice:

Is there a clean way to point JBrowse at trackList.json and refSeqs.json, rather than depending on the directory structure from the data variable? I'd like to do this in order to 1) be able to generate trackLists on the fly and serve them to JBrowse, and 2) avoid long url query strings. Ideally it'd be something like...


Is there a clean way to do this? Thanks for any assistance!



On Sat, Apr 1, 2017 at 7:53 PM, Nathan Dunn <[hidden email]> wrote:

@bslaff I like the idea. I would probably post this to the JBrowse list [hidden email] to see what other folks have done.

With Apollo we actively modify trackList.json as it passes through the server, but we preserve the directory structure. I'm sure you could modify the directory structure within the code, though I'm not sure how difficult it would be, or if you would need a plugin to do it with. You could also try to see if anyone has built a plugin jbrowse registry code, as well: .

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Barry Slaff

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