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Robert Buels
Hi Mark,

Please try to keep support requests for BCS on the gmod-schema mailing
list so that they are publicly searchable for future users.

Replies inline below.

Mark McDowall wrote:

> I am trying to get the Chromsome uniquename value given a gene's
> feature_id.   Due to the way that the data has been loaded into the
> database I get the feature_id for the chromosome that a gene is linked
> to via the featureloc table.   So using the srcfeature_id I want to get
> the uniquename from the feature table for the chromosome.
> However, if I use the command:
>    my $gene_chr = $chado->resultset('Sequence::Featureloc')
>              ->search({feature_id => $19418651})
>              ->search_related('srcfeature')
> I get the following error:
> DBIx::Class::ResultSet::next(): DBI Exception: DBD::Pg::st execute
> failed: ERROR:  column reference "feature_id" is ambiguous
> LINE 1: ... srcfeature.feature_id = me.srcfeature_id WHERE ( feature_id...
>                                                             ^ [for
> Statement "SELECT srcfeature.feature_id, srcfeature.dbxref_id,
> srcfeature.organism_id,, srcfeature.uniquename,
> srcfeature.residues, srcfeature.seqlen, srcfeature.md5checksum,
> srcfeature.type_id, srcfeature.is_analysis, srcfeature.is_obsolete,
> srcfeature.timeaccessioned, srcfeature.timelastmodified FROM featureloc
> me JOIN feature srcfeature ON srcfeature.feature_id = me.srcfeature_id
> WHERE ( feature_id = ? )" with ParamValues: 1='19418651'] at
> line 74
> The SQL does work, hever I have to convert the feature_id = ? to
> me.feature_id = ?.
> Is there a better way to formulate the query in the Perl code or a flag
> that I am missing that could provide a table reference for the feature_id?

No, this is the standard way that DBIx::Class source aliases work.  I
agree that it's a bit of a rough edge.  For more on this, and other
consequences of source aliases that you will no doubt run into as you
write more complex queries, see

But on the bright side, once you learn it, it's still faster and easier
to write than the equivalent SQL.

Hope this helps!


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