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Dave Clements, GMOD Help Desk-3
Hi Bala,

namke is an installation tool from Microsoft.  I believe the script downloads it, but apparently it couldn't put it where it can find it later (or maybe it was already on your system?).

Is nmake anywhere on your system?  It needs to be in a place that is in your search path.  Try putting it in C:\perl\bin, if it isn't already there.

Dave C.

On Sun, Jun 13, 2010 at 7:54 PM, <[hidden email]> wrote:


I am trying to install gbrowse in windows using GBrowse_netinstall and I get the following error message.

Couldn’t install nmake.exe. No such file such file or directory at line 150. Begin failed--Compilation aborted at line 158.


Could you please help.


Thank you,



Bala Thumma


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