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Stephen Ficklin-2
Hi Ethy,

I'm cc'ing the developer's mailing list in regards to your questions for other interested groups.    I have added a new page the Tripal User's Guide which I believe answers your questions and others that might come up for modules that are intended to be shared.  You can find it in the Table of Contents of the Users's Guide (At the bottom), and here is a quick link to it:

The questions you ask are addressed on the bottom of that page in the section "Use of 3rd Party Libraries and Module Dependencies".  Please let me know if this doesn't clarify those and if more info is needed.


On 11/30/2015 6:08 AM, Cannon, Ethalinda K [COM S] wrote:

Hi Stephen,

Depending on your plans for the next Tripal developer's call, I have a few possible items:

- Tripal policy and thoughts on using (or not) 3rd party libraries or tools in a Tripal module, especially if the tool/library is required for the module to function.

- How commonly do groups find themselves writing Perl loaders rather than using or developing loaders within Tripal?

- Revisit the need for download functionality (e.g. the table results of a search, or full data for a batch of IDs). The existing Drupal modules are way too slow, largely as a result of limitations of PHP, Drupal, and Views.


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