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Sergio Contrino
dear Saniya,
the region search in flymine appears to be working: could you send us
more info (your genomic coordinates, or part of them) so we can try to
reproduce your situation?
were you looking only for genes (and selected only the gene feature) or
for other features as well?

> From: [hidden email]
> Subject: Region search tool not responding
> Date: Tue, 22 Dec 2015 11:11:23 +0000
> To: [hidden email]
> Name: Saniya Deshmukh
> Email: [hidden email]
> I am trying to download the gene lists by entering my list of genomic co-ordinates but the region search tool returns with the result no feature found. I know that my list contains co-ordinates in gene bearing regions.
> Kindly help resolve my problem.
> Thanks
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