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Benjamin Hitz
Cecilia -
I am trying to get the gbrowse list back in the loop.  I think that  the URL is just a striing as far a perl is concerned, so if you can stringify the datasouse or set up a datasource => URL hash in init_code it should probably work.

You should also make sure that the curl executable is in /usr/bin or otherwise find it on your gbrowse machine...

On Mar 21, 2011, at 10:39 PM, [hidden email] wrote:

> Hi Ben,
> I'm impressed with your solution. Is it able to dynamically set the URL passed to curl_div() depending on the data source? For example, if GB2 data source is volvox, get header from volvox.html. If it is yeast db, get from yeast.html
> Sorry to send you email directly. I tried to reply to the original thread but it forbid me as it is 'restricted area'.
> Cheers,
> Cecilia
> --- GBrowse.conf ---
> init_code = sub curl_div {
>                my $url = shift;
>              my @raw = `/usr/bin/curl $url 2>&1`;
>              my $div = '';
>                while ($_ = shift @raw) {
>                        if (/div id/) {
>                                unshift (@raw,$_);
>                                last;
>                        }
>                }
>                $div = join('', (grep {/\w+/} @raw));
>                return $div;
>         }
> header =  sub { &curl_div("") }

Ben Hitz
Senior Scientific Programmer ** Saccharomyces Genome Database ** GO Consortium
Stanford University ** [hidden email]

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