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Carson Holt-2
The result.maker.proteins.fasta and result.maker.transcripts.fasta files contain the filtered annotations, and the other files are for reference purposes (i.e. snap and augustus raw unfiltered output). The non_overlapping_ab_initio files contain non-redundant ab initio predictions that do not overlap a final annotation (maker file). They were called by a predictor but rejected for lack of support. If you wanted to look for a potential missing gene model, that is where it would be.


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From: nanshan yang <[hidden email]>
Subject: Qusetion about the ab initio gene predictors result
Date: December 23, 2020 at 12:03:35 AM MST

Hi MAKER community :
I have questions about MAKER output files.I get result from ab initio gene predictors which use snap and augustus by maker,and after fasta_merge step,there are some fasta files as:
if i continue to analysis the fasta files,which fasta should i choose?
because i choose ab initio gene predictors,so the   result .maker.non_overlapping_ab_initio*fasta can be uesed into the downstream analysis?or the  result.maker.proteins.fasta
Thanks verymuch for any help or insights

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