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Carson Holt-2
You have either moved directories post installation, are trying to run from the …/maker/src/bin directory instead of …/maker/bin or you had an issue during install. You just need to start over and follow the install instructions. The few libraries MAKER must compile with Inline::C will go into …/maker/perl/lib/


From: "Sobel-Sorenson, Chandler - (scar)" <[hidden email]>
Subject: maker putting _Inline directory wherever it is run
Date: April 6, 2017 at 4:27:03 PM MDT

I just installed the latest maker 2.31.9 on our cluster, but whenever we issue the command "maker" (even with no arguments), it creates a "_Inline" directory in the CWD..  I guess this is related to Inline perl module?  For example:

[smrtanalysis@pac makertest]$ ls -a
.  ..
[smrtanalysis@pac makertest]$ maker
ERROR: Control files not found

MAKER version 2.31.9


    maker [options] <maker_opts> <maker_bopts> <maker_exe>

[smrtanalysis@pac makertest]$ ls -a
.  ..  _Inline
[smrtanalysis@pac makertest]$ ls -a _Inline/
.  ..  build  config-x86_64-linux-thread-multi-5.010001  lib  .lock
[smrtanalysis@pac makertest]$

This is some problem with our module installation?  It was installed using "cpanm Inline::C".  Or problem/bug with the module itself should contact the Inline team about?  Or problem with our maker installation?

Arizona Genomics Institute
University Of Arizona

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