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Scott Cain
Hi Shabari,

I cc'ed the GBrowse mailing list--that's the best place to ask GBrowse questions.

GBrowse uses a cookie to remember the last place you visited, so if you've used GBrowse before you set the initial landmark, it will ignore that initial landmark setting and go to the last place you were instead.  To test that the initial landmark option is working, either use a different browser, add "reset=1" to the GET portion of the URL, or clear your cookies associated with GBrowse.


On Thu, Jan 12, 2017 at 4:43 PM, Shabari Subramanian <[hidden email]> wrote:
i set the initial landmark for my db in the conf file, but the landmark
region does not show up by default and neither is the landmark or region
box filled  when the db front page is loaded on gbrowse.

any ideas?


bioinformatician, phoenix bioinformatics.

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