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sergio contrino-2
thank you for your suggestion Pengcheng,
we are not putting a lot of efforts in the current web interface because
we should release soon a new one.
but we are collecting suggestions for new displayers, so i pass your
suggestion to the group, so it can be added to the list.

On 01/03/2020 03:15, Pengcheng Yang wrote:

> Dear Sergio,
> Thank you for your provided source code. I have read through the source
> code and found that it is not a easy work to re-implement the displaying
> feature of RNA-Seq results data model in my Mine within a short time. In
> addition, I found another expression dispalyer in BeanMine, which maybe
> different from HumanMine for the underlying code source. I have emailed
> Sam Hokin, the developer of BeanMine, for the source code of their
> displayer, but have not received his reply.
> Therefore, based on my experience as an InterMine developing user and
> limited knowledge of java/jsp, I recommend developing a displayer module
> in the gene report page that suitable for a general RNASeqResults data
> model in the future InterMine release. The RNASeqResults data model
> displayer will be popular and useful for the end users and InterMine
> implementation developers. Anyway, I will try to re-implement the
> displayer based on your provided source code.
> Thank you and best,
> Pengcheng
> On 2020-2-28 17:32, [hidden email] wrote:
>> dear Pengcheng,
>> thank you for your interest, and congratulations for the very good work.
>> you can find the code requested here
>> thanks
>> sergio
>> On 2020-02-28 02:36, Pengcheng Yang wrote:
>>> Dear Sergio,
>>> Thank you for your work on InterMine, which is helpful for our
>>> project. Thank you for your helpful reply and suggestions, which is
>>> indispensable for my work.
>>> For the RNA-Seq results displaying, I want to implement the barplot
>>> displayer as that done in HumanMine. I have cloned the code of
>>> HumanMine project from github, but cantnot found the source file of
>>> geneExpressionAtlasDiseasesDisplayer.jsp, which is used for expression
>>> displayer. Because I am not familiar with JSP, could you please send
>>> the source file to me, or tell me where could I get this file.
>>> Thank you and best,
>>> Pengcheng

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