Reactome releases New Website and Pathway Analysis Platform

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Reactome releases New Website and Pathway Analysis Platform

Robin Haw
Browsing, searching, analyzing and visualizing pathway data are easier with the new and updated Reactome.

Reactome has released a new web interface for its open-source curated database of pathways and reactions.

New features include:

  • A newly designed website with an intuitive user interface for exploring pathway knowledge and a new suite of data analysis tools

  • Pathway Browser, an SBGN-based visualization system of pathway diagrams with advanced navigation features, including zooming, scrolling and event highlighting.

  • PSIQUIC web services to overlay our curated pathway diagrams with molecular interaction data from the Reactome Functional Interaction Network and external interaction databases such as IntAct, BioGRID, ChEMBL, iRefIndex, MINT, and STRING.

  • Pathway and Expression Analysis tools, which allow researchers to analyze experimental datasets by providing ID mapping, pathway assignment and over-representation analysis.

  • Reactome Functional Interaction Network Cytoscape plugin that is useful in the discovery of network patterns related to cancer and other types of disease.

  • Improved tools for display and analysis of Ensembl Compara ortholog-based pathway predictions in 20 non-human species, including the 12 species of the GO Reference Genome Annotation project.

  • A species Comparison tool, which allow users to compare pathways from another species with human data by providing an overlap indicating the degree of orthology between the two species.

A full description of the new features offered by Reactome is available on the new Reactome website at

Reactome is a collaboration between groups at the Ontario Institute for Cancer Research, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, New York University Medical Center, and The European Bioinformatics Institute.  Freely available to academic, clinical, and commercial researchers and scientists worldwide, the Reactome database offers pathway data encapsulating areas of human biology ranging from basic pathways of metabolism to complex events such as GPCR signaling and apoptosis, extracted from the published literature by Reactome curatorial staff and cross-referenced to a wide range of standard biological databases. Reactome data and software are distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.

For more information contact:
Robin Haw
Email: [hidden email]
Tel: 647-260-7985

Robin Haw, PhD
Scientific Associate
Manager of Reactome Outreach

Ontario Institute for Cancer Research
MaRS Centre, South Tower
101 College Street, Suite 800
Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5G 0A3
Tel:         647-260-7985
Toll-free: 1-866-678-6427

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