SNAP error in MAKER exon: out_of_bounds

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SNAP error in MAKER exon: out_of_bounds

Preethiba Gopi


I am running a genome annotation in MAKER2 in which I completed the evidence round of maker and got a GFF3 file as output.

I used the GFF3 file from the first maker run to train the SNAP in which it is showing me the error as this.

All the gene models are showing errors. I checked with NCBI provided GFF3 file also to train SNAP but I ended up in same error telling that all gene models as error.


**********Command Used*****************

> maker2zff genome.all.gff

> fathom -validate geneome.ann genome.dna > snap_validate.output.txt

Can anyone please help me to solve this problem...

Thanks in advance. 



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