SQL or script for renaming all polypeptides

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SQL or script for renaming all polypeptides

Michael Dondrup-3
I have imported a genome annotation using the chado gff bulk loader. The bulk loader has assigned
automatic names to all polypeptides (e.g. 'polypeptide-auto767716').
Is there any existing SQL or other code fragment that shows how to accomplish bulk-renaming of protein sequences
in chado from a mapping file?

I would like to assign the correct gene ID and predicted AA sequence to the auto generated
polypeptides from a fasta file with  gene-to-transcript-to-polypeptide mappings in the fasta header.
I can also generate a 3 column
mapping table like:
GeneID TranscriptID ProteinID
(but not a column containing the auto-IDs)

Thank you for your help

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