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Hello all chado users for the first time,

I wrote to the Tripal list a couple of weeks ago, we're starting a project for the creation of a phenotypic database and an associated web site for a transgenic strawberry collection. We're using Drupal/Tripal and Chado, specifically the Natural Diversity Module. Now I have some questions about the chado schema and I would like to ask you for advice and knowledge.

First of all, we are planning to store different kinds of stocks, related among them through the stock_relationship table. All the lines obtained carrying the same genetic construction will be related, as 'childs', to a stock of type 'collection' (e.g. modified with Gene X) and each of the lines represent an independent transformation event, and so another stock type lets call it 'line' (e.g. Gene X_29, gene X_32, etc). The problem is that for each line, we have data from several seasons and I am not really sure about where the season should be stored. According to the information found in the chado wiki and the mailing list, I can infer that one way to do is to create a new stock (a level above the 'line' type) for each season and store the date in stockprop table. I can also infer that another way to do it is to store the date at nd_experimentprop table without creating a new stock for each year.

Which of them do you think is the best method to do that? Are there more possibilities?

Thank you in advance for your help,


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