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Tell us about your publications and citations!

Yo Yehudi-2
Hey everyone!

(We've mentioned this before in calls but I don't think we've shared it with the full email group)

Earlier this year we started creating a list of all InterMine-related or citing publications: 

There are two sub folders - one called "publications by InterMine team", where at least one InterMine member is a named author, and the second is citations, which encompasses a lot of mine-specific papers and citations of InterMines in use. 

Can you help us grow this list? We've added some of the items we could find, but if you have publications we have missed, or citations you're aware of, we can add them for you, or you can add them yourself if you join the InterMine group with your Zotero account. 

It's also the chance for a bit of free publicity - we use this to fuel the list of publications shown on the InterMine website:

Thank you!

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