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Trial monthly Meetings

Stephen Ficklin-2
Hi All,

Thanks to those who participated in the poll!

 From our Doodle poll it looks like our Tripal User's Meeting is best on
the 1st Friday of the month.  Because we've already passed that day for
this month it looks like our next meeting will be on Friday October 7th
at 3pm UTC (4pm European Central/11am US Eastern/ 10 am Regina Canada /
10 am US Central / 8am US Pacific).   If we keep to our schedule this
next meeting should be a training meeting.   I've created an agenda
document.  If there are specific areas you would like to see training
can you click the link below and add any suggestions:

Due to business in August we skipped our monthly meeting and if we wait
until Oct 7th that is about 2 months of no verbal interaction.  If
anyone is interested to meet and chat on specific issues it seemed the
next best day was the 3rd Friday.  So, we could have a less formal
meeting this Friday, Sept 16th if there is interest.  Please let me know.


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