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Stephen Ficklin-2
Dear Tripal Community,

We have just made available a very alpha version of Tripal 3 (v3.0
alpha1).  It is available for download on the Tripal project page
(  We are still working on the
User's Guide and the code is still quite buggy.  So, we do not recommend
using it for development of an actual site just yet. However, if you are
interested in experimenting with it, please let us know and we can get
you started.   Once we complete a User's Guide and we've worked out more
of the bugs we'll do another release and provide a more formal
announcement.  We are releasing now to provide an opportunity for
interested folks to experiment and provide feedback.

For any of you attending the Plant and Animal Genome conference this
week and next, we will provide some introductory information about this
alpha release at a talk on Sunday afternoon in the Tripal Workshop session.

Tripal 3 represents a major redesign where content types are created by
the site developer, using more intuitive terms (e.g. gene pages, genetic
marker pages, germplasm pages, etc), rather than provided as "canned"
types (e.g. "Feature" page, "Stock" page. etc.).   Tripal 3 provides a
graphical interface to allow site developers to organize pages the way
they prefer.  The need to edit templates to adjust the page should be
greatly reduced.  Tripal 3 alpha provides an introductory design for
RESTful web services delivered via JSON-LD. The goal is to allow Tripal
sites to exchange data using a common framework while allowing the site
developer to customize what data is made available.  Also, a new set of
"hooks" (functions) have been added to the Tripal API to allow for other
storage back-ends to be used along side of Chado.  This will allow a
site programmer to integrate data from a no-sql or legacy relational

Tripal 3 represents a major change which we believe will provide greater
flexibility and interoperability.  However, the core Tripal developers
pledge to do everything we can to make Tripal 3 backwards compatible
with Tripal 2.  Our objective is to allow Tripal 2 sites to upgrade with
minimal effort and without disrupting existing layouts/designs.


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