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Stephen Ficklin-2
Hi All,

This email is just a reminder that we have a GitHub organization for
Tripal.   It is found here:

This is a common space where anyone who is developing an extension
module for Tripal can house their module if they like.  The hope is that
it helps expand visibility for all of the projects, and supports
collaboration.   The main Tripal code is also there.  If you have plan
to develop an extension module or if you already have some please
consider adding your project to this organization.  You maintain control
of your project.    Please let me know if you'd like to be added as a
member of the organization and I will extend an invite. If you are
already a member but your membership is private please consider setting
your membership to public so others can see all of us!

Also, I've not been very big on using Twitter, but I was highly
encouraged at PAG to do so.  I'm curious, would anyone find a a Twitter
feed useful for Tripal?  Perhaps with periodic updates of important
commits or notices about Tripal v3 development?


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