Tripal_analysis_blast updb problem with Postgres 8.4

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Tripal_analysis_blast updb problem with Postgres 8.4

Michael Dondrup-3

I am now enabling the Tripal extension modules again, I've got another little glitch.
running updatedb, I get an SQL error from update 7201
We are running postgres 8.4, so I checked the documentation, IF EXISTS was not defined for DROP CONSTRAINT before postgres 9.

I think I can fix that myself in update 7201, just in case someone stumbles on that as well.


drush updatedb
 Tripal_analysis_blast  7201  Adds missing foreign key constraints                      
 Tripal_analysis_blast  7202  Adds the blast property terms to the correct vocabulary.
Do you wish to run all pending updates? (y/n): y
Failed to update foriegn key: SQLSTATE[42601]: Syntax error: 7 ERROR:  syntax error at or near     [error]
LINE 3:       DROP CONSTRAINT IF EXISTS blast_hit_data_db_id_fkey CA...
Performed update: tripal_analysis_blast_update_7201                                                [ok]
'all' cache was cleared.                                                                           [success]
Finished performing updates.                    

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