Trouble in opening the registration page for Maker

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Trouble in opening the registration page for Maker

Hello, Developers of Maker,
I'm a student from SYSU, China. Recently, I wanted to download Maker for my lab annotation work from your website, but I got in trouble opening the registration page for days, and I didn't figure out why. And I failed to install maker with conda, so could you please tell me how to deal with it? Or could you please send me a copy of source?

If you are convenient to send me a copy, here is my information:
Name: Zhou Xin
Email address: [hidden email]
Software needed: Maker
PI name: Huang ShengFeng

Research: Genome Annotation for zebrafish
Institute: Life Science School, Sun Yat-Sen University
Institute URL:
Country: China
Province: GuangDong
City: Guang Zhou

If anything else needed, please email me, I will add it as soon as I see it.

Anyway, thank you for your attention very much! Any reply will be appreciated very much!
Zhou Xin

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