Two Working Groups: Site-Wide Searching and Chado/Tripal Stress Testing

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Two Working Groups: Site-Wide Searching and Chado/Tripal Stress Testing

Stephen Ficklin-2
Dear Tripal and Chado Community,

In today's Tripal Developer's Conference there were two items that arose
that required some additional time for planning and discussion.  One of
which may be of interest to the greater Chado user community (hence the
gmod-schema list is CC'ed).

First, with some online websites expecting large data volumes in the
future we thought we should organize and perform some stress testing of
Chado and Tripal.  We want to plan a testing regiment that will help us
understand the limits for Chado so we can potentially avoid future
problems.  If you can volunteer some time for planning and perhaps
testing we invite you to provide times you can meet for an initial
meeting in the following Doodle poll:

If you have had experiences storing unusually large amount of data in
Chado and can provide any direction we would love for your attendance.

Second, there is a need for a more inclusive site-wide searching
mechanism for data in Chado that is made available via Tripal. There
have been quite a few solutions implemented on various different
databases.  We would like to identify a recommended solution and provide
documentation on the site to help folks get this type of
searching capability established. If you have interest or experience in
this,  there is a second Doodle poll to help get that work going:


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