Update on Tripal User's Meeting for tomorrow.

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Update on Tripal User's Meeting for tomorrow.

Stephen Ficklin-2
Hi All,

Due to the high number of deadlines most of us face prior to the end of
the year I thought it best to cancel our official Users' meeting that is
scheduled for tomorrow.  We will have a great opportunity to meet  in
person for those attending the Tripal Hackathon/User's Meeting on
Thursday and Friday prior to the Plant and Animal Genome (PAG) in San
Diego.   That meeting will substitute for our January User's meeting,
although we may not be able to support call-ins... we'll see what we can
do for that. More information about that meeting should follow soon.

In our meeting last month I mistakenly said that this month's Tripal
Meeting would be Dec 9th, but according to our schedule the first Friday
of the month is tomorrow!  If anyone has a particular topic of interest
to discuss we could have an unofficial meeting next Friday, Dec 9th at
the usual time to chat.  If you would be interested in this let me know
and I'll arrange the meeting.


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