Update on Tripal v3 release

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Update on Tripal v3 release

Stephen Ficklin-2

For those of you who have been following our Tripal v3 development you've realized that our expected May deadline for release has come and gone.   As an update, I'd like to report we are very close to a release and are hoping to have Tripal v3-rc1 (release candidate 1) ready for you by Wed June 28th!  (next week).

This will be a release candidate because we anticipate there may still be bugs but it is far from beta and the core design is stable.   There are several groups actively working on migration to Tripal v3 for their production community database site.  So, we should have some production Tripal sites available using Tripal v3 sometime this summer!  This is great news because active production usage is how many of the bugs get weeded out. 

We'll keep you posted....

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