Xenbase Bioinformatician position at the University of Calgary

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Xenbase Bioinformatician position at the University of Calgary


Bioinformatician position at the University of Calgary.


Xenbase (www.xenbase.org) is a Model Organism Database (MOD) supporting biomedical research using the amphibian model system, Xenopus. Our content is complex and includes automatically harvested as well as curated data. We store, process and display many types of DNA, RNA and protein sequence data and also epigenomic data such as RNA-seq and ChIP-seq. Sequence content within Xenbase is used in BLAST queries, visualized via the Gbrowse genome browser, and used by many of the in-house data-processing pipelines.


We are seeking to hire a bioinformatician/genomics specialist. The bioinformatician will be responsible for our sequence based content and Perl based data pipelines.


The bioinformatician’s responsibilities include:

·         Managing data pipelines that bring content into Xenbase and also export it for use by third parties

·         Managing our Gbrowse genome browser

·         Perform various bioinformatics processing tasks, report generation, and aiding researchers using Xenopus by providing content and in some cases scripting custom queries


Required qualifications:

·         Solid understanding of bioinformatics file formats and processing techniques

·         Solid Perl experience


Having one or more of the following qualifications would be beneficial:

·         Experience with GBrowse and JBrowse

·         Experience with processing raw data using the Galaxy platform, or tools such as Bowtie and Cufflinks

·         Working knowledge of Java, SQL, Javascript, and HTML

·         Web programing experience

·         Database programming experience



The position is available immediately and has a salary commensurate with experience on the Tech 2 scale (http://www.ucalgary.ca/HR). To apply please visit University of Calgary’s careers page at http://www.ucalgary.ca/careersuofc/, job number 6604. Please contact Kamran Karimi at [hidden email] for any further information.


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