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Salim Bougouffa-2
Hi Maker folks,

I have several issues with a plant genome annotation that I am currently doing but perhaps the most recurrent issues are:

1/ CDSs that are missed where significant rna-seq evidence is there (figure artemis01)
2/ vice versa where one or two exons are added without rna-seq evidence/intron hints (figure artemis02)

info about the runs:
1/ using augustus with a pre-existing model for a related plant that has high homology to the one I am annotating
2/ umask=1 (seems to do better than umask=0; is this a good thing to do)
3/ evm = 1 (seems to perform better than emv=0)
4/ repeatmasking (denovo + repbase)


Salim Bougouffa(PhD), Postdoctoral Fellow
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