balloon hover, can I turn it off in a semantic zoom?

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balloon hover, can I turn it off in a semantic zoom?

Keiran Raine

I have a BAM track configured with semantic zoom.

From 1-150 bp I have a detailed popup of the read details and above that I want the balloons to not be rendered, e.g.:

balloon hover   = sub {&Sanger::CGP::GBrowse::GB_Init_Code::bam_tooltip(shift)}

balloon hover = 0

The problem I have is that even when 'ballon hover' is set to false a default ballonis generated (see attached).  Ideally I want to reduce the data being served and completely disable this behaviour at this zoom level.  I'm aware that this can be switched to a standard 'title' mouse over by changing 'titles are balloons', but I actually want the image map to be as minimal as possible.

Is it possible to completely turn off this feature?


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