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[biomart-users] biomaRt error : Extra Content at the end of document

Anthony Colombo

So a quick search says that the error "extra content at the end of document" is a result of biomaRt being down,  what is the status of biomaRt?  I went to ensembl.org, and things seem to be working.

however when I run, this is a utility function that calls biomaRt..... it generates errors.

    speciesSymbol<-"hgnc_symbol"  #hugo nomenclature human only
         message("finding entrez IDs of top ensembl genes...")
                    values=resValues, #fitBundles ensembl Gene Ids

.findMart <- function(commonName=c("human","mouse"),host="www.ensembl.org"){#{{{

  dataset <- switch(match.arg(commonName),
  useMart("ENSEMBL_MART_ENSEMBL", dataset=dataset, host=host)

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