bug in gff bulk loader (+ fix?)

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bug in gff bulk loader (+ fix?)

Hi all (mostly Scott, I guess)-
we've been using the gmod_bulk_load_gff3.pl script to load gene
annotations and have
noticed that for some of our genomes, a small number of duplicate
polypeptides are created;
that is, we end up with a chado in which some mRNA features have >1
autogenerated polypeptide
in a derives_from relationship with them. For a while, we took the
simple expedient and just did some
ad hoc post-process deletion of the redundant polypeptides (which were
causing trouble for some of
our downstream work). But I think we've managed to isolate what is
causing the problem and
have a possible fix (although someone who understands the logic of the
CDS handling better than I do
should probably verify that it isn't causing other problems I haven't
noticed yet).

In a nutshell, the problem seems to occur when features from different
genes have the same fmax
value (even when located on different source features). For example, I
found I was able to reproduce
the duplication problem with genes having these two components, which
both have an fmax of 18272:
Phavu|Chr05     phytozomev10    five_prime_UTR  18020   18272 .      
+       .
Phavu|scaffold_31       phytozomev10    CDS     18008   18272 .      
+       0
(will try to attach the full gene models for these as a test case if you
want to try to reproduce it)

I believe the problem is in the process_CDS method of the
Bio::GMOD::DB::Adapter module; it is using
a query based on min(fmax) to get the next feature set to process, and
although it seems to process
the features that it receives from multiple genes correctly (ie creating
a polypeptide for each, in the final step it only deletes the data for
one of the genes from the tmp table, leaving the other one to be
processed again. I think the following
patch solves it, although there are likely other solutions that may be

<     my $grandparent;
 >     my %unique_grandparents;
<         $grandparent  = $$feat_row{ grandparent_id };
 >         my $grandparent  = $$feat_row{ grandparent_id };
 >         $unique_grandparents{$grandparent} = 1;
<     $sth->execute($grandparent);
<     $dbh->commit;
 >     foreach my $grandparent (keys %unique_grandparents) {
 >         $sth->execute($grandparent);
 >         $dbh->commit;
 >     }

let me know if you need more info than I've provided, or if you think
I've gotten something muddled in
assessing the situation.


Andrew Farmer
(Legume Information System)

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elude definition; only that which has no history is definable.

Friedrich Nietzsche

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