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Davide Cittaro
Hi all, 
bigwig and bigbed were recently added to galaxy, but it happens I had implemented those some time ago in my local instance. Fortunately your class definition is not much different from the one I've written (not even the class name). BTW, most of my bigWigs have .bw extension, whereas your implementation assumes they have .bigwig extension; .bw files are not recognized as bigWig by default (they are now "Roadmap" type) and I would like to set the proper type for all of them. Obviously, setting this one by one in the data admin window is a tedious long job... is there a way to do it automatically?
It would be nice if one can select multiple datasets in admin and edit some properties (i.e. data type, database...), in addition to "edit permissions" and "delete" operations.

Davide Cittaro

Cogentech - Consortium for Genomic Technologies
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