cmap can't link to gbrowse, although i changed the $url?

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cmap can't link to gbrowse, although i changed the $url?



    I want to link cmap to gbrowse,so I changed the $url in cmap.conf file(please read below).but it didn't link to gbrowse ,instead of keeping display the default cmap i need to install something in the web server? thanks a lot.


cmap version:1.01  ,Gbrowse version:2.03


<feature_type Chr_scaffold>
feature_type_acc Chr_scaffold
feature_type Chr_scaffold
default_rank 1
color black
shape span
drawing_lane 2
drawing_priority 1
area_code <<EOF
$code=sprintf("onMouseOver=\"window.status='%s';return true\"",$feature->{'feature_name'});
$alt = "Scaffold: ".$feature->{'feature_name'}."; pos:".$feature->{'feature_start'}.(defined($feature->{'feature_stop'})?'-'.$feature->{'feature_stop'}:'');
$url=sprintf("<A href=";,$feature-&gt;{'feature_name'" target="_blank">",$feature->{'feature_name'});


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