different number of annotated genes and transcripts

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different number of annotated genes and transcripts

Dear all, 

First of all, thank you for sharing your experiences here. I tried to find this issue in the posts already made but failed.
Secondly, I am sorry for asking you a silly question (I think), but after I complete the genome annotation of four species, I obtained fewer transcripts than genes. I do not understand why MAKER annotated genes unable to transcribe.
I was trying to find the reason for this issue to discuss it in my thesis but I am a bit lost. Has this happened to anyone? Is there any possible cause that comes to mind?

Thanks in advance.


Nicolas Nahuel Moreyra
BSc/MSc in Bioinformatics
PhD Student in Comparative Genomics @ EGE (FCEyN - UBA) -> [hidden email] 
Professor of Bioinformatics @ Favaloro University
Professor of Informatics @ IFTS N° 7

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