[galaxy-announce] August 2019 Galactic News: GCC2019 is done; BCC2020 is coming

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[galaxy-announce] August 2019 Galactic News: GCC2019 is done; BCC2020 is coming

Dave Clements-3
Hello all,

The August 2019 Galactic News is here!

* Events:
  * GCC2019 is done (and yow, it was a success)
  * BCC2020 is coming to Toronto!
  * Galaxy ♥ BioHackathon Europe!
  * Plus deadlines this month and 19 other events in the next 90 days.
* 178 new publications, including 5 highlighted ones.
* Two new Galactic Blog posts:
  * Getting the most out of 1) Galaxy on Twitter, and 2) Pan-Galactic Search
* Galaxy Platform News from UseGalaxy.* and the Human Cell Atlas.
* Seven Open positions in four countries on two continents.
* Updates to training materials and documentation.
* New releases.

This month's newsletter was a community effort unlike any before it.
Thanks to everyone who contributed (and keep those contributions

See you in San Diego, Milwaukee, Honolulu, Toronto, ...
Dave C

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