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[galaxy-dev] Multiple files from external source

Chris Zaleski

We have an existing database with a web interface to control users & permissions, searching, etc. On our Galaxy server, I have implemented "Synchronous data depositing" described here: http://bitbucket.org/galaxy/galaxy-central/wiki/DataSources. This allows us to utilize the existing UI on the database, and works very nicely for users to retrieve data & load it into Galaxy.
We now have instances where users need to load many files at a time, so I plan to change the implementation to use the "Asynchronous" method.

Is it possible for the user to "Get Data", login & browse the external data source (in this case, my DB), choose *multiple* files, and have them all sent to Galaxy at once? In our case, this would prevent the user from having to walk through a multi-step process for each file.

Chris Zaleski

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