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maker_functional_gff error "Can't use string ("") as a HASH ref"

Luca Peruzza

Hi all,

I am using the “maker_functional_gff” script to update my gff3 by adding functional annotation from blast against uniprot, however I do get the following error when running the code:


Can't use string ("") as a HASH ref while "strict refs" in use at /opt/maker/bin/maker_functional_gff line 55, <$IN> line 277933.


I checked the line and it appears like the other lines in the gff3 file so I was wondering if you guys know what is causing the error?

The “offending” line and the following one are:


tig00632243    maker  gene    2926    22617  .           -           .            ID=Gacu_00045928;Name=Gacu_00045928;Alias=maker-tig00632243-snap-gene-0.9;Dbxref=MobiDBLite:mobidb-lite,PANTHER:PTHR15288,PANTHER:PTHR15288:SF5;

tig00632243    maker  mRNA  2926    22617  .           -           .           ID=Gacu_00045928-RA;Parent=Gacu_00045928;Name=Gacu_00045928-RA;Alias=maker-tig00632243-snap-gene-0.9-mRNA-1;_AED=0.08;_QI=0|0|0|0.75|0.81|0.83|12|0|714;_eAED=0.34;Dbxref=MobiDBLite:mobidb-lite,PANTHER:PTHR15288,PANTHER:PTHR15288:SF5;







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