missing the tchar index (.tci) file

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missing the tchar index (.tci) file

Here is another question we have: 

The component titled 'start_site_curation' was looking for a database of characterized proteins called tchar.db. 

We could download a file with that name that (along with a manatee installation) from http://sourceforge.net/projects/manatee/, but then it complained that it did not have a tchar index (.tci) file.   

The only db which *did* have a tci file was the uniref100_lookup.db, so we used that database in place of the tchar.db to get past this problem. BUT, I presume I either need a different tchar.db or some way to create a tci file. 

Can anyone tell me how to find or create the correct db? Or generate the tci file?  Or confirm that I need something different? 

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