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shuhaila mat sharani
Dear Prof/Dr/Sir/Madam,

I try to create the genome browser by using a webgbrowse ( When i have upload the gff data the link provide does not show The Overview and Detail Panels.. how to overcome this problem?

Thank you.


this is the example of my gff data
###gff version3 complete                               
scaffold_01    curated    scaffold    1    1054116    .    .    .    ID=scaffold_01;Name=scaffold_01
scaffold_01    tRNAscan    tRNA    695    766    .    +    .    ID=tRNA:695..766;Name=tRNA:695..766;Note=scaffold_01_26, Lys, TTT;
scaffold_01    tRNAscan    tRNA    802    875    .    +    .    ID=tRNA:802..875;Name=tRNA:802..875;Note=scaffold_01_25, Pseudo, TTT;
scaffold_01    tRNAscan    tRNA    895    965    .    +    .    ID=tRNA:895..965;Name=tRNA:895..965;Note=scaffold_01_24, Thr, TGT;

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