no output file name for parser MARC::blastxCDS

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no output file name for parser MARC::blastxCDS

Jasper Jan Koehorst
I am trying to set up a pipeline and had some hurdles which I overcame but this one remains vague to me.

Created 'diya::MARC::rpsblastCDS' object
Cluster map from 'db/clusters/PRK_Clusters.bcp' loaded
CDD map from 'db/cddid_all.tbl' loaded
007/2012_11_16_17_42_34-MARC::rpsblastCDS.outFound output file '007/2012_11_16_17_42_34-MARC::rpsblastCDS.out' for 'MARC::rpsblastCDS'
Indexing '007/2012_11_16_17_42_34-MARC::rpsblastCDS.out'
No output file name for parser 'MARC::blastxCDS' found at /usr/local/share/perl/5.14.2/ line 1542.

The complete log file is here:

and my genome annotator ncbi xml file is located here:

all the files are present in 007/ as far as I can tell, but which output file does MARC::blastxCDS need that is missing?

In short this is my pipeline so far:

<names>assemble_pseudocontig make-single-fa MARC::glimmer3 extractCDS MARC::blastpCDS MARC::rpsblastCDS</names>


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