problems with fresh gbrowse 1.70 installation and centos 6.6

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problems with fresh gbrowse 1.70 installation and centos 6.6

Oliver Pelz-2
Dear group,

I am running into a problem installing gbrowse 1.7 on a centos 6.6 running perl, v5.10.1.

After installation I tried to restart the apache2 server and it gives me alot of errors of kind from the standard installation files (did not touch them):

/etc/httpd/conf.d/gbrowse.conf/MobyServices/ </moby:$objtype>",> directive missing closing '>'

 /etc/httpd/conf.d/gbrowse.conf/MobyServices/ <td> was not closed.

Most of these errors are easy to fix for me but it is a lot of hand-work to do.

The error types look to me as the used perl CGI interpreter on this centos 6.6 does very strict syntax checking and maybe gbrowse 1.7 was developed on a more relaxed perl version.

Here is an example of the types of errors ( </moby:$objtype>",> directive missing closing '>')

$MOBY_RESPONSE .= simpleResponse("<moby:$objtype moby:namespace='$namespace' moby:id='$identifier'>
                                                 <moby:String namespace='' id=''>$seq</moby:String>
                                                 <moby:Integer namespace='' id=''>$length</moby:Integer>
                                                 </moby:$objtype>", "", $qID);

which I fixed easily to:
MOBY_RESPONSE .= simpleResponse("<moby:$objtype moby:namespace='$namespace' moby:id='$identifier'>"
                                                 ."<moby:String namespace='' id=''>$seq</moby:String>"
                                                 ."<moby:Integer namespace='' id=''>$length</moby:Integer>"
                                                 ."</moby:$objtype>", "", $qID);

My question now is if there is a way to relax the perl CGI interpreter in Centos or some kind of apache2 flag to relax config checking or do I have to manually change things?

Please note that switching to gbrowse2 is not an option right for us at the moment.

Best and thank you for your help
Oliver Pelz

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