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Ioannis Kirmitzoglou
Hi all,

I'm trying to set up a track that will remotely fetch a gff file from a cgi script. To do this I have to pass the name of the current feature to the cgi script.
I'm using the following stanza

glyph           = segments
remote feature = sub {
 my $feature = shift;
 my $name = $feature->display_name;
 return "/cgi-bin/$name";
key             = lakis

just to test whether callbacks inside remote feature work the same as with for bgcolor but I'm getting the following error

[error] Can't call method "display_name" on an undefined value at (eval 105) line 2.\n

Do you know of a way I can capture the name of the current feature?

I've also tried something like this

but the URL is passed as is (ie the $name is not recognized as a perl variable, while something similar seems to work for the ballon settings)

Any help will be appreciated


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