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Maker Error : Thread 1 terminated abnormally.. André Machado <> AttachmentsJun 26 (8 days ago) to maker-devel Hi , First of all thanks for your efforts in Maker pipeline. Its a tremendous help for the people that works with genomes. In the last 4 days i have broke my head.. with an error .. but still without a solution. I found this old thread:!msg/maker-devel/X2-76BH9gvg/rU4kLJ3B6tsJ Seems to be a quite similar... but don't point to a specific solution. I have run maker with the data test and all runned ok. Maker finalize the entire process without errors. Recently, i’m trying to aplly my own data on MPI cluster. But this error, frequently occurred. Thread 1 terminated abnormally: ../dna.maker.output/mpi_blastdb/dna%2Efa.mpi.1/dna%2Efa.mpi.1.0 --> rank=8, hostname=compute-0-1.local, at ../Analysis/Geno/maker/bin/maker line 1451 thread 1. --> rank=8, hostname=compute-0-1.local deleted:0 hits deleted:0 hits preparing ab-ini 1 reply MAKER
Maker Error : Thread 1 terminated abnormally.. 1 reply MAKER